HDF5 Tools

Different tools to work with datasets in HDF5 file format.

Created on Thu Apr 2 21:12:46 2015

@author: akusok

hpelm.modules.hdf5_tools.make_hdf5(data, h5file, dtype=<type 'numpy.float64'>, delimiter=' ', skiprows=0, comp_level=0)[source]

Makes an HDF5 file from whatever given data.

  • data
    • input data in Numpy.ndarray or filename, or a shape tuple
  • h5file
    • name (and path) of the output HDF5 file
  • delimiter
    • data delimiter for text, csv files
  • comp_level
    • compression level of the HDF5 file
hpelm.modules.hdf5_tools.normalize_hdf5(h5file, mean=None, std=None, batch=None)[source]

Calculates and applies normalization to data in HDF5 file.

  • mean
    • known vector of mean values
  • std
    • known vector of standard deviations
  • batch
    • number of rows to read at once, default is a native batch size